Tech Doesn’t Replace Good Instruction

I often hear parents and educators exhibit concern over the role of assistive technology. Many fear that by providing a student an iPad they are sending the student and school district the message that reading instruction is no longer necessary. This thought could not be further from the truth.

Providing research-based instructional practices in reading, writing, math, and more is  the responsibility of a school district. The schools must provide an individualized education to each student with an IEP based on  data collection and valid research.

Technology does not replace the requirements, it is merely a complimentary tool. There are many ways that technology can be implemented. In many scenarios, students are receiving instruction in math and reading without significant technology support, while using an iPad to gain access to grade-level electives, history, and science. In other scenarios, technology helps students maintain access to grade level curriculum throughout the school day. These descisions are made by the IEP Team based on indivual student needs.

Technology is not a bandage, but rather a tool that supports learners with a variety of needs. Contact Learning for Tomorrow NJ for a free consultation today.