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  • Strong capital of the company Strong capital of the company

    The company is a scientific research, development, production and sales company, specializing in the production of various types of activated carbon.
  • A wide range of products A wide range of products

    It is widely used in the refining, pharmaceutical, removing heat source and wastewater treatment of all kinds of reagents. It can also be used in the fields of building decoration, soil modification, drinking water and air purification lamp.
  • Strict technical development Strict technical development

    The activated carbon produced by our company has the characteristics of large specific surface area, strong adsorption force, high wear-resisting strength and fast filtration speed.
  • Qualityfirst、customerfirst、good faithservice、pioneeringinnovation Quality first, customer first, integrity service and innovation.

    Our factory always takes the management concept of "quality first, customer first, integrity service, pioneering and innovation".
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Liyang Zhuo Jun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Liyang, a beautiful scenery town in the south of the Yangtze River. The factory area is located in the industrial zone of Zhuzhen town. The traffic is very convenient. The company is a scientific research, development, production and sales company, specializing in the production of various types of activated carbon. Existing fixed assets more than 1500 million yuan, employees more than 80 pe...
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Environmental observation: work together to build beautiful China
"Beautiful China, I am an actor". The theme of this year's "6 / 5" Environment Day is to solve problems at the key points and exert power in the subtle areas. The core is "action".Since the eighteen Party's founding, the construction of beautiful China has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and steadily advancing. But to every individual, there is still more. Countless practices have proved that good intentions and advanced ideas need to be implemented through action, and they must be effective through action. To examine the course of human social development, no country has created a problem of ecological environment in the course of becoming a big country. Similarly, no country has made hard efforts to harvest a good ecological environment. "Happiness is a struggle." In the new year's words of congratulation in 2018, the basic path to create a better life for the people in the new era is also revealed. This is the same as the basic path for us to build a beautiful China. And struggle, is not a manifestation of action? Beautiful China, you and I share; beautiful China, act together. For the government, action should be reflected in the transformation of the concept of governance; for the enterprise, action should be embodied in the responsibility of social responsibility; for the public, action should be reflected in the transformation of the way of life. We hope that more scrupulously departments at all levels, more enterprises to fulfill the responsibility of environmental protection, and more of the owners of "less one day car", and more families who take the initiative to classify garbage... Because each small step of the main body will be a big step towards a beautiful China. Join hands and work together to build a beautiful China; work together to create a better life. Let's take action together, move towards beauty in a beautiful posture and run to happiness in a happy way.
2018 the sixth Shanghai international bio fermentation exhibition invites everyone.
The sixth Shanghai international biological fermentation products and technical equipment exhibition will be held on 4-6 September 2018 at the New International Expo Center of Shanghai. The exhibition is hosted by the China Bio Fermentation Industry Association and Shanghai Xin Shi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and is now invited to all people.BIO CHINA Shanghai biological fermentation exhibition has been successfully held since 2013. It has become the most specialized, largest and most representative international event in the Asian fermentation industry. It has developed from the original display platform into a business platform of present collection, exchange, trade and procurement. The development course of the Chinese fermentation industry today; the benchmarking.Last year, the 3 day exhibition set up a historic achievement, attracting nearly 400 Chinese and foreign exhibitors from 42 countries and regions, with an exhibition area of 30000 square meters and a total of 32000 visitors from 48 countries and regions around the world, including 8600 foreign professionals and 48000 visitors.Considerate service wins the praise of exhibitors and exhibitors, of which 95% of the exhibitors are very satisfied with the overall participation effect, 83.4% of the exhibitors are willing to continue the exhibition; 90% of the invited buyers have reached the purchase intention on the scene, and 95% of the special buyers wish to continue the exhibition.BIO CHINA Shanghai biological fermentation exhibition has gathered the leading technology of global biological fermentation, attracting the domestic and foreign mainstream industry enterprises to make a collective appearance. More high-level forums gather the experts of the industry to speak out. Five years have created a brilliant brand, witnessing the development and growth of the Chinese bio fermentation industry, and now it has become a global fermentation industry. The annual event.On 4-6 September 2018, the sixth Shanghai biological fermentation exhibition will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. More than 40000 professionals from domestic and overseas biological fermentation fields are expected to visit, more than 60% of them are decision-makers and department managers. The exhibition site will be discussed around the current hotspots of the industry development, and a variety of forums and seminars are held in the same period. High quality, authoritative and professional activities enable enterprises to quickly understand the trends and trends of industry development, and can also contact with government officials, experts and scholars.The sixth Shanghai biological fermentation exhibition will revolve around biological fermentation laboratory equipment, fermentation industrial raw materials and their upstream and downstream products, amino acids and organic acids, starch and starch sugar products, enzyme products, yeast and its derivatives, functional fermenting products, other fermenting products, fermentation equipment, and fermentation equipment. The automatic control system, environmental protection equipment and technology, new fermentation products and new technologies are set up to include food, beverage, medicine, feed, biological fermentation, candy, wine, dairy products, pastries, health products, functional food, food additives, food ingredients, convenient food and semifinished food, milk food. The coverage of exhibits, such as snack food, canned food, ham and sausage, vinegar, grain and oil processing, etc.At the same time, more than 20 industry forums will be held in the same period, and more than 120 experts from scientific research colleges and universities will be invited to bring together the latest industry information and interpret the latest industry policies.
2018 Shanghai International Exhibition on technology and application of water treatment chemicals
Exhibition hall: Shanghai New International Expo CenterChina Shanghai international water treatment chemicals technology and Application Exhibition 2018InvitationTime: 19-21 September 2018Location: Shanghai New International Expo CenterChina International Water Treatment Chemicals Exhibition was founded in 2005. After more than ten years of continuous grinding and innovation, it has become a widely recognized annual event at home and abroad. As the only professional exhibition of water treatment chemicals and water-soluble polymers in many water treatment exhibitions in China, it is the first platform for trade exchange of water treatment chemicals enterprises by gathering the world's top well-known enterprises and famous experts in the industry, following the latest progress of the industry and the strategy of industrial development.On the basis of the successful hosting of the thirteen session, the 2018 exhibition will continue to lead the professional brand exhibition in the field of water treatment, on the basis of continuing to consolidate the first exhibition of water treatment chemicals, combining water treatment solutions, innovative application technology, authoritative testing technology and institutions, water treatment equipment and other upstream and downstream industries. At the same time, the exhibition will continue to highlight the characteristics of the combination of the exhibition and the meeting depth; let the exhibitors and customers, through the multi field technical exchange meeting, understand the current situation and future trend of the industry development, enhance the enterprise's grasp of the future development direction and strategic layout!1. Basic informationExhibition time: 09, 09 month, 2018, -21 day, 19Exhibition site: Shanghai New International Expo CenterHost unitChina Chemical Information CenterUndertaking unitExhibition business department of China Chemical Information CenterNational chemical energy conservation centerNational fine chemicals industry cooperation group water treatment Specialized CommitteeCo operating unitIndustrial water treatment Committee of the China Chemical SocietyChina Society for seawater desalination and water conservancyNational fine chemicals raw materials and intermediates industry collaboration groupJiangsu Shui Bo net Polytron Technologies IncTwo. The scope of the exhibitionFlocculant sludge dehydrating agent, coagulant, anticorrosion agent, microorganism, microorganism, microorganism, microorganism control, defoamer, dispersant, dispersant, detergent chelating agent, prefilm agent, active carbon water filter materialThree, the highlight of the exhibitionGeographical advantages: Based on Shanghai, radiating the whole country, attracting overseas, international economic and trade center cities;The effect is obvious: 14 years of water treatment chemicals professional platform resources hand in hand 26 years international chemical exhibition hosting resources, three exhibition combined with 80000 square meters display area.The same session: select hot topics in the field of water treatment.Authoritative representatives: government agencies, environmental protection and water treatment industry experts, industry representatives, business leaders, industry leaders participate in;Media promotion: hundreds of international professional media help to promote publicity and tracking reports, apply targeted media, and organize professional buyers.Professional development: the organizers will join forces to share resources. The China National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation and the China Chemical Information Center, a large advisory panel of consultancy experts, regularly discuss advice and organize with professional exhibition teams.Four. Target audienceSewage treatment plants, government and local industry authorities, scientific and technological institutions, scientific research institutions, water conservancy bureaus, Water Service Company, Environmental Engineering Company,Daily / pharmaceutical food brewing, environmental monitoring station, oil / petrochemical, water supply and drainage company, cement / mineral, textile / leather / printing, metallurgy / governance, power / electricity, dealer traders, solid waste management center, media / others and so on.